Team Puppeteer

Team Puppeteer

Zin Min Hein

Since the time I started playing family console games in my childhood, I was wondering why we don’t have a game with Myanmar tradition, history and cultural background stories like any other countries.

I’ve always wanted to create video games and bring Myanmar Game Industry globally.

This dream becomes my lifetime goal.

Today, I am crafting Studio Puppeteer to become a representative Game Studio for Myanmar.

La Min Khin
Coo/CG Artist

I am keen on drawing and doing anything creative since I was young.

Love Collecting art books and figures.  

My love and passion for Games and arts made this start-up Company, Studio Puppeteer in Myanmar.

I would like to go more for Studio Puppeteer, from this sparks fragment until it shines as bright as it could around the world together with team puppeteers, representing our Original Burmese Culture Game Arts &  Animations.

Khine Tun Zan
Artist Manager/3D Environment Artist


I’m  a passionate 3D artist. Details modelling is my favourite.

I always want to do unique things and develop our 3D industry.

I’m interested in everything about Games, Animation, and VFX.

I like listening to music especially Alternative and Heavy.

Tun Kha Zaw
Concept Artist/Illustrator


      I’m a StoryBoard Artist at this studio and a person dreaming to become a game designer. 

Besides I’m very fond of reading philosophy books and watching art house films.

If you want to discuss about this topics, join me. 

Shed Bhone
3D Artist

Hi, I am passionate  3d artist at Studio Puppeteer!

I am trying  to be a character artist in this 3d industry.

My dream is to create games and animation with Myanmar history and culture.

I am interested in all kinds of art and creation.

I would like to watch movies and anime in my spare time. 

On the other hand, drawing and painting, listening to  music  really calm my mind.

Lastly, I am keen on martial arts, crafting, collecting figures and art books.

Thura Soe
Lead Developer

I love being able to design and develop interactive experiences which can be enjoyed globally by a wide range of audiences.

I’ve previously created multiple 3D and 2D games which spans across different genres.

During recent years, I also took part in local and international game jams held in Myanmar as well. I have a strong passion in Game AI Algorithms and Software Architecture.

Currently I’m working on the studio’s Action-RPG title, “The Return (Forbidden Throne)”.

In my free time you’ll frequently find me tinkering with game mechanics, figuring out new and interesting ways of doing things, get the creative juices flowing with game design, or working on a personal project. 

I love collaborating with people that share similar passions so feel free to get in touch with me if I can be of some help.

Lastly, I am keen on martial arts, crafting, collecting figures and art books.

Kyaw Bhone Khaung
2D Artist


I’m a 2D Concept Artist at Studio Puppeter.

I am specialized in environment concepts, game assets and character arts.

My dream is to become professional concept artist.

I love to spend my free times for drawing.

Drawing is my passion.Drawing is fun because I draw with pen.

I am just ordinary weeb artist.

Thar Kyaw Kyaw
Game Programmer

Hi !!!

I am trying to be a Game Designer in Myanmar Game Industry.

I would like to create Myanmar culture game more than others.

I like playing Dota2 in my free time with support role.

If you have any idea to make Myanmar Culture Game, please feel free to contact me.

Phone Pyae



I am the 3D animatior of the studio. Animating is my passion.

Character animations is my strong point. I also do others type of animations, too.

I have always been interested in the background processes of the games.

I also draw alot of random stuff and comics in my freetime.

Khin Nway Nway Tun
Concept Artist


I am a concept artist at Studio Puppeter.

I like drawing and painting.

My dream is to become professional character concept artist.

Tin Aung Khine
3D Artist


I am passionate 3d artist at Studio Puppeteer.

I am interested in drawing, music, sports and games.

Martial arts is my favourite.

Zin Lin Htet
3D Artist


I’m a 3D artist at this studio and a person with the end goal of becoming a game designer.

I Love to spend my time making 3D model and level design.

I like playing Dota 2:)

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