About Us

About Us

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Studio Puppeteer is a Myanmar based games and animations studio. Which is well known for innovative and creative game concepts with full of Burmese culture and tradition. We are currently making games for mobile platforms including iOS, Android and PC platforms with a group of young talented Breed.small depa

Studio Puppeteer introduced and established : first ever originated game event in Myanmar: named Rise of Myanmar Games ( RMG-2017 ) in 28th of July, 2017.Our main purpose of RMG is to let the globe know our miraculous fusion of Burmese tradition and culture, game concepts created from Myanmar. We will be holding RMG once every year in the future.

We are a creative team with our deeply rooted passion to entertain players with our astonishing games which are funs, relaxing and challenging while bringing Myanmar Game Industry globally.small belu 2

Apart from gaming, we also engage in other leading-edge CG works, from 3d/2d TV commercials, breath-taking Vfx to creative logo animations. We conceive what client need to fits of ecstasy. We are delighted to pour out our Creativity, Passion, Persistence, Tenacity, Flexibility and A Good Sense Of Humor into our works.

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